Munich Christmas Market Trip

Not a Mini Adventure this time, but last weekend I headed to Munich to check out some real German Christmas Markets.

Day 1 – Saturday

We arrived at our hotel in Munich, without incident, mid-afternoon on Saturday.  We headed straight out to find something to eat before finding our first Christmas Market to explore!

The first restaurant we came across appeared from the outside to be a pretty standard pizza/pasta Italian restaurant.  We headed in to be confronted with a small restaurant with a floor covered in ripped up paper and receipts.  Being extremely hungry by now, this didn’t phase us too much.  We ordered our pizzas and I ordered a beer to have with my pizza.  I don’t speak any German, but I do know that Beer in German is pretty much the same as the English.  I asked a few times and the waiter seemed to get it in the end.  He appeared a while later with… a cup of tea.  Fortunately, we managed to get this changed and when the pizzas came they were just as we had ordered 🙂

We then headed to our first Christmas market at Sendlinger Tor.  The lights were all on and the market was full of people enjoying a warm mug of Gluhwein – extremely festive.  After a wonder around here we then headed towards Marienplatz.  We headed into the Kripplermarket where we had a Gluhwein and Hot Chocolate.  We then walked up to Marienplatz and explored the many stalls there.

So after our first day we had already managed 3 markets!

Day 2 – Sunday

On Sunday we decided to explore the markets a little bit further out and invested in a day pass on the underground.  12 euros for the both of use to have unlimited journeys all day seemed a bargain!

We started at the arts market at Schwabing, where there are stalls for individual artists.  It was nice to see some different things for sale at this market.  We then headed over to English Garden where there is a market at the Chinese Tower.  There was a real family atmosphere here.  Next we headed to Residenz where there’s a market within the courtyard.  We then headed by foot towards Marienplatz, stopping at the Medieval Christmas market on the way.  The medieval market was quite different to the others and really interesting.  We then had another walk around the Marienplatz market, this time in the light, and the markets surrounding Marienplatz.  Whilst in Marienplatz we managed to watch some of the Krampus run – the Krampus were extremely scary!  We then headed towards the river as we’d read that there was a market but unfortunately there was no sign of one!

We headed back to the hotel to drop off our shopping and look up a restaurant.  We headed back out and eventually found the restaurant that we were heading for (no signs outside…) and enjoyed some burgers.  We then set out to find the Pink Christmas Market.  This market is a gay Chistmas market and everything was lit up on pink.  It looked amazing and the atmosphere was great!

So 6 Christmas markets done in 1 day on Sunday!

Day 3 – Monday

On Monday we invested in another all day pass on the tube and thought we’d visit the Tollwood Winter Festival.  We arrived however and it wasn’t due to open until 2pm!  So instead we went to the Deutches Museum – apparently the largest and oldest Science and Technology museum in the world.  We there most of the day and then headed back to Tollwood.  We were glad we went back in the dark as it looked fantastic lit up.  There were loads of stalls, including 2 large tents with even more stalls!  There were so many stalls we had to stop for a Bratwurst and Beer half way through…

We then stopped for a hot chocolate before getting the train back to the hotel.

Day 4 – Tuesday

On our final day in Munich we decided to see some of the landmarks in the City.  We visited a number of churches – each one more ornate and impressive than the last!  We also managed to watch the Glockenspiel in Marienplatz at noon – it took about 15 minutes for the clock to tell us that it was midday!  It was great to watch though.  We then visited our final Christmas market – Viktualienmarkt.

We had a fantastic time overall – I’d highly recommend visiting Munich at Christmas time.  So much to see an do 🙂


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