A Week in Wales – Part 2

Day 5

As predicted, I had jinxed it – the car wouldn’t start on Friday morning!  After a few tries and a little bit of help we got it going though – I think it was a combination of a damp morning, a bit of a flat battery and flooding the engine after too many attempts!

Once I was mobile I headed into Snowdonia.  I didn’t get far into the National Park as I stayed near Betws-y-Coed all day.  After a very fun, windy drive down I parked up at Conwy Falls.  I paid my £1 to go through the turnstile and walk down to the Falls.  There were a number of viewing platforms around the site but the views of the Falls weren’t great as there were too many trees in the way!  It was a nice walk anyway, and only £1 so not too bad.


I then walked down to Fairy Glen.  It should have been a half hour walk but it took a little longer as I decided to stray from the path (the sign said the path turned left?!).  I made it though and I paid my 50p (which was lucky – the guy has the gate alarmed in case you try to sneak in!).  That was well worth the 50p.  There are 2 walks – 1 down to the water where there are some great views along the river, and then you can follow the Riverside Walk, which is a circular walk along the River (as the name might suggest).

After this I headed past Betws-y-Coed to Swallow Falls.  This was £1.50 to get into the turnstile – but by now I was running out of change so they had £2 out of me!  The Falls were amazing though – not much of a walk but no trees blocking the view 🙂

I then headed into Betws-y-Coed, had a wander around some of the many walking shops and then went over the railway station and had a look around the tiny St Michael’s Church.

I then headed back to Ruthin where I grabbed some Fish and Chips before settling into the cottage to warm up.

Day 6

On my last full day in Wales I decided not to go too far as the car deserved a bit of a rest before heading home tomorrow.  So I visited the local Forest for a few short circular walks.  I then headed back to the cottage to get some packing done before heading to Whetherspoons in Ruthin for some tea.


Sylvia and I made it back safely on Sunday with no issues.  Sylvia had a good hose down and scrub (but I don’t think I’ll ever get the wheel arches quite as white as they were before this trip).  Back to reality now!


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