A Week in Wales – Part 1

I had some annual leave left to use before the end of the year, and with all the exotic places in the world I could choose from I chose…  North Wales in October!  And of course, I decided to bring the Mini…

I’m sure North Wales in October makes you think of cold, wet, grey days – but in fact, so far the weather’s been pretty good!  A few showers but mainly sunny and not too cold. Also, the Mini is doing pretty well 🙂 Hopefully I haven’t jinxed anything now…

Day 1

I drove up to Wales on Monday.  I stopped at Burton Dassett Hills Country Park for a much needed walk after a few hours of being cramped in the Mini.  The Mini did really well, but probably the scariest part was getting down the driveway where I am staying.  I made it down though – 4 days in and I still breathe a sigh of relief every time I get to the bottom.


Day 2

On Tuesday I stayed quite local to where I’m staying.  I went via the Horseshoe Pass (fantastic views) and Horseshoe Falls to Llangollen.  I wandered around the town and then walked down the canal to the Motor Museum.  Unfortunately the Museum was closed but the walk was nice.

I then drove down to the Aqueduct.  It was very impressive!  I decided to walk along the canalside path across the aqueduct.  It was alright at first – the views were great.  But when I got to the middle it suddenly became very windy, which is quite scary when on one side you have some ancient metal railings, and on the other 5 foot of water and then nothing.  You don’t want to lean into the wind too much because when it stops you find yourself leaning towards to water…  I made it all the way across (I couldn’t turn back as there was a cyclist behind me and the path wasn’t wide enough for us both) and then bravely made it back again (there wasn’t another way back to the car!).


Day 3

I didn’t actually spend much of Wednesday in Wales as I headed into Chester.  I had always wanted to visit as I had heard good things.  I wasn’t sure if I would find enough things to do all day, but I certainly did.  I started by visiting the Cathedral and then wandered around the shops and part of the City’s walls.  I also visited the Roman Gardens and Ampitheatre.   After a quick wander around the indoor market I then went to the Grosvenor Museum.  For a free museum I was very impressed 🙂 I carried the umbrella all day so, of course, it didn’t rain all day!

Day 4

Today I headed West to Llandudno.  I stopped at St Asaph where you will find Britain’s smallest ancient cathedral.  Due to the Cathedral St Asaph does have City status – I think it’s the smallest city I’ve ever visited!

I carried on West to Llandudno – a very typical seaside town.  I parked quite far away from the town and walked along the beach to the pier.  I walked along the pier and had a quick go on the 2p slot machines in the Arcade at the end.


I then drove up to the Great Orme – I drove up the summit and then went for a walk around the farm at the top.  I then drove around the Marine Drive to get the bottom – great fun in the Mini.  I don’t think I’ve ever been on such a windy road where I haven’t had to worry about what’s coming the other way 🙂 I do have a confession to make though… When I arrived at the Marine Drive I was expecting to pay the toll to go up… however there was noone there and just a single cone in the middle of the road.  I was just deciding what I should do when a BMW came up behind me… They told me to go up anyway and I gave in to peer pressure and went up anyway… I wasn’t caught at the bottom so I think I got away with it 🙂


With only 2 full days left I think I’ll head into Snowdonia tomorrow…


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