A Mini Mini Adventure – Somerset

I thought I’d make the most of the August Bank Holiday Weekend, so I packed the Mini and Trailer up for a trip down to Somerset!

I left on the Friday afternoon after work, and surprisingly the traffic wasn’t too bad at all (and it helps when people let you through as they wave at you in Mini).  I made it to the campsite in plenty of time to get the tent up and start cooking before it got too dark.  I felt many eyes on me whilst setting up…  I could sense people guessing what I would pull out of the trailer next!


The Biggest and the Smallest

Saturday looked to be the driest of the 2 days so I decided to go up to Cheddar Gorge (Britain’s biggest Gorge).  I had been many years before when I was small, but I couldn’t remember it at all so thought it was worth another visit.

After a quick drive up and down the Gorge in the Mini (that was good fun 🙂 ) I parked up and headed to Gough’s Cave to start off.  I enjoyed this cave, the audio guide was pretty good and there was quite a bit to see.

I then popped into the little museum opposite and then thought I’d find some lunch – only for the heavens to open!  I grabbed a pasty and quickly made my way back to the car to eat the pasty and grab the rain coat (which I then carried all day, there was no more rain…).

Next in the Gorge was Cox’s Cave – or Dreamcatchers as they call it.  It wasn’t quite the experience I expected.  The cave was in total darkness except for a few coloured spotlights and a projection in each chamber.  I could see in darkness that were some really interesting cave features, you just couldn’t see them!

I then climbed up Jacob’s ladder and the Tower where there were some great views across Somerset.  I started the Cliff Top Walk, but it was too hot so I only made it to the second view point (I’ll blame the heat).  So I headed down and grabbed and ice cream before heading back to the car.

I then headed to Wells, often described as Britain’s Smallest City, and thought I’d check out the cathedral.  It was extremely impressive, and I’m glad I stopped!  I had a wander around the cathedral and also Vicar’s Close.

A rainy day

The weather on Sunday was not so good, so I spent most of the day at the tent.  I actually managed to read a whole book which I haven’t managed to do for a long time!  Between showers though I did manage to go for a walk around the lakes on the campsite and I also went to Muchelney Abbey which was just down the road.  The Abbey was English Heritage and a fiver for an adult to get in.  It wasn’t massive, but for the money and the fact it was only 2 minutes down the road it was great!

I had a lovely weekend in Somerset and will probably be going back as the campsite was great.  I’d like to go to Glastonbury and climb Glastonbury Tor, so will have to return.



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