Scotland 2016 – Day 14 – The wanderer returns

After my last Full English this morning I headed into Bakewell for a walk around the town and up the river.  I bought a few bits in the many camping shops, ready for my next adventure, and also bought a Bakewell Tart.  I was going to feed the ducks along the river, until I noticed the signs asking that we don’t feed the birds!

I then drove down through Matlock and Matlock Bath, where I stopped for a drink and to eat my Bakewell.  I then set the Sat Nav to take me home.  After getting stuck in traffic in a couple of places along the way (haven’t seen un-sheep related traffic for a while!), and a couple of stops at the services (one of which included a quick bulb change thanks to a kind lady telling me I had a brake light out, finally got to use some of the spares I bought with me!), I made it home 🙂 An extra 2193 miles on the clock for Bella, and I assume an extra few pounds on the waist for me, and we are home.  Bella’s had a bath – but I think she’ll need another one to completely remove all of the grime and insects!

Now to start planning the next Mini Adventure…  Ireland?  Norway? …



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