Scotland 2016 – Day 13

The last full day of my trip today 😦

I started today chatting with a Norwegian couple over breakfast.  I think I know where the next Mini adventure might be…

I then headed out to York for the morning.  I got the Park and Ride into the City and headed to York Minster first.  I couldn’t believe how big it was!  It’s impossible to get a good picture with it all in from the ground.

I then went and had a wonder around the Museum Gardens, which were really nice with a few buildings and monuments to look at as well as the plants.  I then headed down to the Castle – or Clifford’s Tower which is all that is left of the castle.  I went up the top and there were some good views from top, beyond the City’s walls.  For example you could see the Terry’s chocolate factory in the distance.

I then headed back into the City Centre and had a wonder around the Shambles, which are really cool.  There are some lovely shops to have a wander in.  I then got myself a pasty and cup of tea and settled outside York Minster before a short walk along the City Walls.  It was great to be able to see more of York Minster from up there, and surprising just how much of the old walls are still surviving.

It was then time to leave York to give enough time to get to the next B&B, in the Peak District.  I would like to return to York at some point as I would like to walk the whole of the City Walls, and also go to the York Chocolate Story.  And I would also like to head into the Yorkshire Dales 🙂

I had a slight technical hitch on the way to the Peak District.  It started to rain so I put the wipers on, but it was only a short shower.  The problem with this was that the wipers wouldn’t turn back off!  They eventually did after I tried a variety of positions with the stalk and then pushed it to clean the windscreen…  Fingers crossed it’s either completely dry tomorrow or raining the whole time!

When I arrived in the Peak District the weather was lovely, so after a cup of tea I headed off for a walk around the local area.  This helped build up an appetite before I popped to the local pub for some tea, and now back at the B&B watching the football.  I can’t believe this is my last night away, but I expect Bella is pleased!


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