Scotland 2016 – Day 12

Today was the day that I would be leaving Scotland – and I woke up to a beautiful sunny morning!  Typical.

After breakfast, I headed from the B&B to the Mini Works, just on the other side of Edinburgh, where I bought a present for each Mini.


I then headed South, across the border and back into England.  I stopped for Lunch at the Angel of the North and had an ice cream from the van that turned up (my first of the trip!).


I then continued South to the next Bed and Breakfast.  I was a bit early so I popped in Thirsk first for a wonder and a pot of tea.  I then went the the B&B and settled in.  After fitting my new indicator flasher unit (all fixed now :)) I had a wonder around the garden of the B&B which is full of animals!  I ended up helping to feed the chickens and ducks and water the owls 🙂

I then walked in Thirsk again for some tea (Wetherspoons again!) before heading back to watch the football.  I think I want Wales to win, they deserve it.


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