Scotland 2016 – Day 11 – Edinburgh

I can’t believe that today was my last full day in Scotland!  I spent it in the country’s Capital, which is a great City.

After another full English I headed to the Park and Ride, which was just a 5 minute drive from the B&B, and got the bus into the City.  At £1.60 each way and free parking it’s not a bad way of getting into the City at all 🙂 Once there the noise of being in a Capital City after more than a week in the countryside took some getting used to!

My first stop was the National Museum of Scotland.  It’s very similar to the Natural History Museum in London, just a bit smaller.  Quite a few of the galleries were closed for refurbishment (re-opening on Friday, typical!), but I still enjoyed it.

I then walked down to Holyrood Park, and on the way I saw the first Mini since I had been in Scotland!  I had considered walking up to Arthur’s Seat, but when I was up close I saw just how high up that was and changed my mind.  I will have to back come with my walking boots somewhen…

I then walked to Holyrood House Palace where there were lots of people dressed in their finery and lots of Police.  Something exciting was going on, but unfortunately I don’t know what…  I then walked all the way up the Royal Mile to the castle.  On the way up I stopped at the Edinburgh Museum, which was free and quite good.  I didn’t go into Edinburgh Castle as I was feeling a bit ‘castled-out’ after Stirling yesterday.  I took some picture though, and then went to the Tartan shop next door where I found out about the origins of my family name and bought myself a Tartan Scarf – why not?!

I then walked down to Greyfriars Kirk, which is quite an impressive church with some really old Gravestones in the kirkyard (as they call it).  I learned about Greyfriars Bobby, who was a dog that spent 14 years at his masters grave, until he died.

Next I walked up to Calton Hill, where there are some great views across the City (without having to climb up Arthur’s Seat) and also quite a few monuments, including a temple that was never finished as they ran out of money.  I think it would have been quite impressive if they had finished!  Maybe that should, like La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona?

I then headed back down and along Princes Street and did a bit of shopping (someone didn’t pack enough jumpers..).  After all of that my legs were feeling pretty tired, but I thought I should go and see a bit of the New Town so I walked up to Charlotte’s Square.  The New Town is a lot more spacious than the Old Town!

I then jumped back on the bus and back to the B&B where I chilled for a bit, and rested my feet, before popping out for tea.  I was hoping to find Haggis somewhere as I haven’t had any yet and I leave Scotland tomorrow!  However, I could not find any and ended up with Pizza.  I did pop into Tesco though and bought a tin of Haggis to try at home…


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