Scotland 2016 – Day 10

Although the Glamping was fun, it was good to wake up in a bed this morning followed by a cooked Breakfast!  After this I set off for a walk at Den of Alyth, near the B&B, so I could walk off the breakfast and hopefully see a Red Squirrel.  Unfortunately I did not see a Red Squirrel, but I have seen salmon leaping up a waterfall and 3 massive Red Deer (with massive antlers), so I haven’t done too badly this trip.

After the walk I popped to Kirriemuir, to see the place that my Grandad was evacuated to during the war.  It’s not quite London – I can see why they didn’t stay long…

I then headed to Stirling, where I visited the castle.  It’s the most expensive castle I’ve visited this trip (£4 to park your car, and then £14.50 for an adult ticket), but after queuing up the cobbled street to get in I couldn’t really say no!  It was a good castle though, with plenty to see and some great views across Stirling.

I then headed to the Falkirk Wheel to see that in action – what a piece of engineering!  And so high – I don’t think I’d want to be on a boat up there!


I then headed to the B&B that I had booked near Edinburgh, to discover that I was not booked there…  After some investigation it turned out that I had mistakenly booked a Bed and Breakfast under the same name on the opposite side of Scotland!  A frantic search began, both in Scotland and in Southampton, and my Mum called with a possible availability.  I called them up and they had a vacancy, and only 5 miles away from where I was!  I dashed over, and I was settled with a bed for the night I went out for a carvery (only £4.99, bargain :)).  Moral of the story – triple check which B&B you’re booking before you book – don’t trust that Google has given you the one you searched for…


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