Scotland 2016 – Day 9

After my last night in the Pod I thought I had better have a look at what was around Cannich before I set off for the Cairnghorms.  So I headed to Glen Affric, and went for a walk around Dog Falls.  Glen Affric seems like a lovely place, but unfortunately I needed to get on my way to Pertshire so I couldn’t explore any more.

I headed up to Inverness so I could get around Loch Ness and then head East.  Once I was in the Caringhorms National Park I made a couple of stops, including Loch an Eilein where I walked all the way around the Loch.

I then headed down the A9 to the next B&B.  I headed into Blaigowrie to get some tea – ended up in Whetherspoons watching the football.  How very Scottish…  The good news is France are through so I’ll definitely win something in the work Sweepstake 🙂

On the way back to the B&B I spotted the roof of a Mini hidden in a garage – and I realised that’s the first Mini I’ve seen since being in Scotland!

Hopefully tomorrow I can find a walk nearby as I feel I haven’t seen a lot of the UK’s biggest National Park, and then I’ll be heading South again.


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