Scotland 2016 – Day 6 – The Isle of Skye

Today I headed over to the Isle of Skye for the day.  After another Full English Breakfast I headed over to the island on the Glenelg to Skye Ferry.  It is the oldest turntable ferry in Scotland in operation, holds 6 cars and only takes 5 minutes to cross the water.  When I saw the ramps go down I was a bit concerned about getting the Mini onto the ferry but, once a stray seal had been cleared from the jetty, I was on the ferry (with no parts falling off the car) and we were off. There were some great views crossing to the island this way, much more exciting than the bridge.

The first thing I wanted to see on the Isle of Skye was the Fairy Pools.  This was a great walk along the river where there were a number of waterfalls and pools to see.  I didn’t realise how far I had walked as there was so much to see!  You can walk for as long as you like and see as many falls/pools as you like, and I think I saw quite a few of them 🙂

Next I headed up to Dunvegan Castle and Gardens.  I wandered around the Castle first and learnt quite a lot about the MacCleod Clan’s history, and then I had a wander around the Gardens which were lovely – something to aspire to…  I came out of the castle and checked the time before heading off to the next thing – and discovered it was 4pm already!  Luckily it doesn’t get dark until so late in Scotland at the moment that I thought I should still be able to squeeze everything in.

Next I drove up the road a bit further to the Coral Beach – a bright white beach that, unlike the name suggests, is not coral.  It is dried, calcified seaweed and shells – and looks spectacular when the sun is shining (which it almost was for me).

I checked the time and decided, although it was late, to still give the Old Man of Storr a go.  The guidebook said it was not to be missed and only a half hour walk from the car park.  The guide book was right on only 1 of those points…  When I was driving towards to the Old Man I saw it sticking up in the air and thought there was no way I would be able to get up into the clouds to see that!  However, I parked up and gave it a go.  I was spurred on by a bride and groom (yep, you heard that right) who persuaded me to keep going and I made it to the top.  I’m glad I did too as by then the clouds had cleared a bit and the views were spectacular.

That was my final stop of the day.  The only thing I missed was that I had hoped to have a wander around Portree, but I did drive through twice.  I then followed the rainbow back to the B&B for a relaxing evening.



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