Scotland 2016 – Day 3 – Crossing the Border


The third day into the trip and I have crossed the border into Scotland!

After a massive breakfast this morning I left Preston and headed up the M6, past the Lake District and came off at Carlisle to see Hadrian’s Wall.  If you ever decide to visit the wall at Houstead’s Roman Fort I recommend you take a travel sickness tablet before you head down the B6318 – the Right Said Fred song ‘Deeply Dippy’ comes to mind…  Other than that I’m glad I took the detour to see the Fort and the Wall.

After some lunch I then continued my journey North.  The weather couldn’t make itsSUNP0019 mind up all day – I would go from brilliant sunshine to heavy showers and back again within a few minutes.  Luckily not enough rain for the car to leak again though 🙂

Today I managed to get myself lost for the first (and likely not last) time of the trip.  A mix of a lot of roadworks around Glasgow and not fully trusting the Sat Nav and I ended up going through the City instead of around it…  Eventually though I made it to Aberfoyle, in Loch Lomond, to another lovely Bed and Breakfast.  I headed out to
the Forth Inn for some tea, and now for an evening of football.  I’ll have to remove the Spanish flag from the car – but I’ve got an hour to wait to see if it’s worth swapping it for an England flag…



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