Scotland 2016 – Days 1 & 2


Day 1 consisted of packing the Mini with everything I may need for the next couple of weeks.  Just as I had finished packing the rain started – but I’m heading to Scotland, so I’m prepared for rain!

I met up with the others from Winchester Area Mini Owners and we headed up to Dudley (is it possible to say that without the accent?) for the Mini and VW Bus Show.  We went through some pretty torrential downpours on the way but when we arrived the sun was shining and apparently had been all day!  We set up the tents and cracked open a couple of beers.  The plan was to have a BBQ but that didn’t go too well… so out came the frying pans!  This was followed by a good band at the bar and then to bed.


On Day 2 I woke up to brilliant sunshine.  We cooked a massive breakfast and had a wonder around the show.  The sunshine stayed with us all day, until we had packed up and just left the show.  Excellent timing!

I waved the Mini Club off as they headed South, and I began my trek up North.  The rain continued and I discovered the first technical hitch – the car is leaking! 😦 Hopefully we don’t get too much rain…

Bella has sprung a leak!

I have now arrived at my first Bed and Breakfast, near Preston.  It’s still raining so I think it will be a quiet evening in, preparing for the next stint up North.


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